from island to island


Lead Staff

Head Chef

Dodik Restu
Bar Supervisor

Epa Puspita
Floor Supervisor

Shivesh Bolah
Head Honcho / Manager on Duty

Fiona Luigi
Director / Manager on Duty


Little Mauritius comes to Bali

'Ti Moris' means ' small island of Mauritius' in Creol. From August 2017, Bali experiences a breath of fresh Indian Ocean air from this little mystic island of the Chagos archipelago. From one island to another, we celebrate the best of multicultural island living.

Live the islander live to the fullest now!
Experience the flavours of rustic French, exotic Indian and hearty Chinese cuisine in one delicious Mauritian - Creol blend. Tuck into native delights such as ‘Gato Pima’ or chilli cakes made from yellow split peas for starters or the infamous ‘Banana Tart’ to end a meal. Ti Moris food ingredients quality have been selected carefully and organic.

395m2 in size, Ti Moris features a multi-room restaurant and a specialty rum bar in laidback easy-breezy lifestyle ambience. We embodies the spirit of island living with a stylish hip forward as it launches its first outlet in Bali.